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the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
New Westminster, British Columbia
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 The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy

is a hypnotherapy training school devoted to providing
the very best, up to date training. The course in
clinical hypnotherapy was officially given approval as a
recognized elective within the post-graduate family

program at the University of Alberta.

The curriculum at the institute is unique and different

anyother school, as it's founder, Sherry M. Hood M.H., C.Ht.,
has personally designed and written the curriculum from
her many years experience in full-time private practice.
This gives students every practical and theoretical aspect
of hypnotherapy necessary to be in practice as a
Clinical Hypnotherapist or as a complement to an existing
practice in the health care field.

Instructor knowledge with extensive experience in the
field,in-class live demonstrations, guest speakers,

mentoring, and a strong emphasis on professional ethics
ensures students graduate withexcellence from one of

very best hypnotherapy schools.
Course Overview
There are three levels to the Hypnotherapy Training Program: Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist &
Clinical Hypnotherapist..

All three levels must be achieved to complete the program.
cannot be taken individually.
(for a complete list of study topics, click on the tabs to the left )

160 hours total classroom time to complete of the program
Homework and independent study are not included in this time frame.
All Classes are 8 hour days  9am - 6pm

Tuition & fees remain the same for Full or Part Time

Full time classes
Four consecutive weeks  = 160 hours

10 month Part time classes
One weekend per month x 10 months = 160 hours

5 month Part time classes
Two weekends per month x 5 months = 160 hours

* Students will be awarded diplomas for each level
plus a Certificate of Completion at graduation.

Graduates are then eligible for certification by:
the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
(administered by the Pacific Institute)

Please read the "Thoughts" page for more information.
                    Full time classes  = Four Consecutive Weeks

Full Time classes
Two weekends per month
Click on our calendar for more detailed class schedules
5 Month Part Time classes
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Employment and Social Development Canada
10 Month Part Time classes
One weekend per month
Dear Potential Students;

My lease has come to an end and I have decided not to renew it at this time.

The entire school is going into storage while I take a much needed break from the teaching
aspect of my work.
I haven’t decided where I will open up again at this point.
If you would like to go on our student waiting list, please contact me at
I will still be updating this site with articles, announcements, etc so please return any
time for future notices.